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Energy saving

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What the service consists of

The Energy Saving package for energy redevelopment: a revolution for your home or condominium. Through a mix of construction and installation work, we offer you the opportunity to transform your building, reducing consumption and increasing its value. Moreover, with the state incentives available to you, retrofitting becomes even more profitable.

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What the offer includes

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Cost estimate & calculation of incentive value

We provide an accurate estimate of the costs and value of incentives for your energy refurbishment project.

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Planning & authorisations

We draw up a detailed project and obtain all the necessary authorisations to start the work.

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Construction work

Thermal insulation of facades and roofs, replacement of windows and doors to maximise the energy efficiency of your building.

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Plant engineering work

Installation of state-of-the-art systems such as solar thermal and photovoltaic panels, electricity storage systems and electric car charging solutions.

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Declaration of conformity

We ensure that all work meets the required safety and quality standards.

Benefits of the energy saving package

By choosing the Energy Saving package, you are assured of:

  • Reducing consumption

    Significantly reduce your energy consumption and save on your bill.

  • Increase in energy class

    Improve the energy rating of your building, keeping up with the latest regulations.

  • Increasing the value

    Your home or condominium will increase in value as a result of the improvements.

  • Improved interior comfort

    Enjoy a more comfortable and healthy environment

  • New aesthetic appeal

    It transforms the aesthetics of your building, making it more modern and attractive.


Rely on our team of experts

The experienced Renavitas team will assist you in choosing materials and optimising state incentives, ensuring maximum savings and making the energy upgrading process more affordable and accessible.

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Active State Incentives



Aimed at energy requalification interventions, the Ecobonus covers a significant percentage of the expenses for works such as thermal insulation, replacement of windows and doors, and installation of efficient heating systems. The deduction percentage varies according to the type of intervention.


Architectural Barrier Bonus

This incentive focuses on eliminating architectural barriers in buildings, making them more accessible. It is particularly useful for projects that include the installation of lifts or hoists, or structural modifications for accessibility.


Thermal Account

The Conto Termico provides incentives for energy efficiency measures and the production of thermal energy from renewable sources. It is a measure that provides a direct economic contribution in addition to other incentives.

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Why choose Renavitas

  • Single point of contact: a single point of contact to guide you from start to finish.
  • Optimising incentives: we maximise the use of the incentives available to you.
  • Single specialisation: we are the only construction company specialising in energy refurbishment, with a proven track record and excellent results.

Successes and certifications

FAQ or frequently asked questions

Read frequently asked questions

  • Is there a charge for the estimate/expertise?

    No, Renavitas offers an outline quote without the need for an initial site visit. We will then carry out a free on-site inspection to check measurements and specifications. Only after this step can you decide without obligation whether to proceed with the work.

  • Do you work all over Italy?

    Yes, Renavitas operates nationwide. We conduct a thorough search in your territory to identify the most suitable technical and operational partners to support us in the realisation of your project.

  • Do you deal with both the design and the execution of the work?

    Yes, our service is complete and turnkey. We manage both the design and executive phases of the works. We provide you with an integrated service covering every aspect of energy requalification, from initial design to final delivery.


Each of our realisations tells the story of Renavitas’ commitment to a more sustainable future. Find out how we have helped companies and individuals in the realisation of their projects.


Calculate the savings

After completing this request, you will receive within 24h the rough estimate with the cost of the work and the calculation of the benefits you will achieve by upgrading your building.