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Energy steel

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What the service consists of


When upgrading is not enough, demolition and reconstruction with the Energy Steel package may be the solution. Thanks to prefabricated and ‘dry’ construction technology, we guarantee short construction times and superior quality. The ideal choice for those who want a true renaissance of their building, with every advantage of modern construction technology.

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What the offer includes

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Cost Estimate & Calculation of Incentive Value

We provide an accurate estimate of the costs and value of incentives for your energy refurbishment project.

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Planning & authorisations

We draw up a detailed project and obtain all the necessary authorisations to start the work.

Demolition of the existing building (if necessary)

Complete management of the demolition process in a safe and efficient manner.

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Building work with dry technology

Construction of a steel load-bearing structure and infill using advanced drywall technology.

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Plant engineering work

Installation of hydro-thermo-sanitary systems, solar panels, energy storage systems and charging stations for electric cars.

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Declaration of conformity

Guaranteed compliance with all required safety and quality standards.

Benefits of the energy steel package

By choosing the energy steel package, you are assured of:

  • Full benefits of Energy Saving Plus

    All the benefits of the Energy Saving Plus package are included.

  • Reconstruction with state-of-the-art materials and technologies:

    Exclusive use of modern and innovative solutions in the construction industry.

  • Customised interior spaces:

    Possibility to re-plan and redesign the interior spaces according to your current needs.

  • Increased security and property value:

    A completely renovated building that provides greater security and increased real estate value.


Rely on our team of experts

The experienced Renavitas team will assist you in choosing and optimising state incentives, ensuring maximum savings and making the energy upgrading process more affordable and accessible.

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Active State Incentives



Take advantage of this combined incentive for energy efficiency works and earthquake-proof improvements. Get significant tax deductions for rebuilding your building with advanced technologies.

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Why choose Renavitas

  • Single point of contact: a single point of contact to guide you from start to finish.
  • Optimising incentives: we maximise the use of the incentives available to you.
  • Single specialisation: we are the only construction company specialising in energy refurbishment, with a proven track record and excellent results.

Successes and certifications

FAQ or frequently asked questions

Read frequently asked questions

  • Does the Energy Steel package include the demolition of the existing building?

    Yes, if necessary, our service includes the complete management of the demolition of the existing building.

  • How long does an Energy Steel project take from design to implementation?

    Times vary depending on the complexity of the project, but our advanced construction technology guarantees shorter lead times than traditional methods.

  • Can I customise the design of my new building with Energy Steel?

    Absolutely. We offer customised design solutions to meet your specific needs and aesthetic preferences.

  • How can I calculate the cost and value of incentives for an Energy Steel project?

    You can start with an online quote on our website. Afterwards, one of our experienced accountants will help you calculate the precise value of the incentives available for your project.


Each of our realisations tells the story of Renavitas’ commitment to a more sustainable future. Find out how we have helped companies and individuals in the realisation of their projects.


Calculate the savings

After completing this request, you will receive within 24h the rough estimate with the cost of the work and the calculation of the benefits you will achieve by upgrading your building.