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Solar shading

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What the service consists of


Solar shading is an effective solution to protect your home from excessive heat and direct sunlight, contributing significantly to indoor thermal comfort and reducing energy consumption for cooling. Renavitas offers a wide range of solar shading solutions, from external blinds to sunshades, from bioclimatic pergolas to external venetian blinds, all designed with high quality materials and advanced control systems. In addition to improving energy efficiency, our sunscreens add a touch of style to your home, enhancing its aesthetics and architecture.

Benefits of solar shading

By choosing solar shading, you can be sure of:

  • Internal climate control

    keep rooms cool during the summer by limiting the use of air conditioning and reducing energy consumption.

  • Increase in energy class

    Improve the energy rating of your building, keeping up with the latest regulations.

  • UV protection

    protects the interior from discolouration and premature wear caused by direct sun exposure.

  • Visual comfort

    reduce glare without sacrificing natural light, creating comfortable and liveable rooms at all times of day.

  • Customisation and design

    choose from various design options and materials to perfectly integrate the screens with the aesthetics of your home.


Rely on our team of experts

The experienced Renavitas team will assist you in choosing and optimising state incentives, ensuring maximum savings and making the energy upgrading process more affordable and accessible.

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Why choose Renavitas

  • Single point of contact: a single point of contact to guide you from start to finish.
  • Optimising incentives: we maximise the use of the incentives available to you.
  • Single specialisation: we are the only construction company specialising in energy refurbishment, with a proven track record and excellent results.

Achievements and Certifications

FAQ or frequently asked questions

Read frequently asked questions

  • Do sunscreens require maintenance?

    Our screens are designed to be durable and easy to maintain. Any cleaning or inspection work is quick and easy, ensuring a practical and long-lasting solution.

  • Can I automate sunscreens?

    Yes, we offer advanced automation options for your sunscreens, allowing you to conveniently control them at the click of a button or via default settings, for unparalleled comfort and convenience.

  • What are the advantages of solar shading over traditional air conditioning systems?

    Solar shading acts preventively, blocking heat before it enters rooms, thus reducing the need for active cooling and contributing to significant energy savings. They are an environmentally friendly solution that improves living comfort and reduces environmental impact.


Calculate the savings

After completing this request, you will receive within 24h the rough estimate with the cost of the work and the calculation of the benefits you will achieve by upgrading your building.