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Windows and fixtures

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What the service consists of


Windows and doors play a crucial role in the thermal and acoustic insulation of a home, significantly influencing living comfort and energy efficiency.

Renavitas offers a wide range of solutions, including energy efficient windows and doors, designed to improve insulation, reduce energy consumption and enhance the aesthetic and functional value of living spaces.

Our energy efficient windows are the ideal choice for those seeking to optimise a building’s thermal performance, providing superior insulation and helping to maintain a comfortable indoor environment in all seasons. These advanced solutions, characterised by quality materials, high-performance glazing and innovative insulation technologies, not only allow a significant reduction in heating and cooling costs, but also improve living comfort thanks to their ability to filter light and protect against weather conditions.

Choosing Renavitas’ energy-efficient windows and doors means investing in customised solutions that combine aesthetics, durability and technological innovation. In addition to improving energy efficiency, our windows and doors contribute to enhancing the value of your property, increasing its value and making it more attractive and sustainable.

Benefits of windows and doors

By choosing windows and doors, you can be sure of:

  • Improved thermal and acoustic insulation

    Enjoy a more comfortable and quieter home environment by reducing thermal bridges and external noise.

  • Energy saving

    minimises energy losses for significant savings on heating and cooling bills.

  • Increase in property value

    high quality windows and doors not only improve the appearance of your home, but also increase its market value.

  • Energy class improvement

    Improve the energy rating of your building, keeping up with the latest regulations.

  • Customisation and design

    choose from a wide range of styles, materials and finishes to find the solution that best suits your personal taste and the needs of your home.


Rely on our team of experts

The experienced Renavitas team will assist you in choosing and optimising state incentives, ensuring maximum savings and making the energy upgrading process more affordable and accessible.

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Why choose Renavitas

  • Single point of contact: a single point of contact to guide you from start to finish.
  • Optimising incentives: we maximise the use of the incentives available to you.
  • Single specialisation: we are the only construction company specialising in energy refurbishment, with a proven track record and excellent results.

Achievements and Certifications

FAQ or frequently asked questions

Read frequently asked questions

  • How long does it take to replace windows and doors?

    Installation times may vary depending on the size and complexity of the project, but our team is committed to minimising disruption, ensuring a fast and efficient implementation.

  • Are there incentives for replacing windows and doors?

    Yes, there are tax incentives and deductions for those who choose to improve the energy efficiency of their home by replacing windows and doors. Our staff can provide you with all the necessary information and assist you in handling the paperwork.

  • How can I choose the right windows and doors for my home?

    The choice of windows and doors depends on many factors, such as the architectural features of the building, your insulation needs and your personal style. Our team of experts is available to offer you personalised advice and help you find the ideal solution.


Calculate the savings

After completing this request, you will receive within 24h the rough estimate with the cost of the work and the calculation of the benefits you will achieve by upgrading your building.